Protecting the value, innovation, and convenience for consumers using today's growing electronic payments system.

The International Alliance for Electronic Payments (IAEP) is a coalition of international free-market organisations who are concerned that interchange fee regulation has negatively affected the poor, consumers, small community lending institutions and the economies of countries around the globe. Members of the IAEP live and work in nations where they have seen firsthand how regulating interchange results in higher rates and fees for consumers. IAEP members share the goal of educating consumers and policymakers about the consequences of regulating global electronic payment systems that move payments quickly and securely between millions of consumers and merchants worldwide.

The IAEP's goal is to protect the value, innovation, convenience and competition in today's growing electronic payments system and to make sure that consumers and their community institutions are not harmed by government regulation of interchange fees. The IAEP educates policymakers, consumers, and the media on how electronic payment systems support economic growth, and the importance of protecting consumer choice and stability for the continued growth of global commerce.

The most important part of the alliance is all the citizens around the world who have expressed their opinion by signing petitions to government leaders opposing interchange regulation.

International Alliance for Electronic Payments

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The following policy institutions have also joined the Alliance, and more are expected soon as support continues to grow: